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Access Control


See all Internet traffic from monitored devices: domains, protocols, ports. And the first 15 bytes of each new connection if you are so inclined. Monitor how much bandwidth is consumed by each device, and to what destinations.


Protect your privacy by setting up a VPN client to connect out to the Internet. Get enhanced security by connecting back to your home VPN server while you are out. Set up multiple networks and tunnel selected network(s) through VPN, while leaving others on ISP.

Supports WireGuard, IPsec IKEv2 and OpenVPN.


Creating and managing VLANs on your router no longer requires a network engineer certification – you simply assign a different network name for the Ethernet port you want to segregate. You can securely isolate your IoT devices on a separate network without knowing the "three dumb routers".


Block ads safely in your browser and apps with a single click. No browser plugin needed. Combined with a VPN server on the router, you can bring adblock to your mobile devices while you are away from home or on mobile network. And, we provide the unique option for each user to pause/suspend Adblock when needed.

No Subscription Fee

A lot of configurability has been built into the pcWRT router. But you can enjoy all of the functions with a one-time purchase. No subscription fee ever!

This is the only router that I've found which is truly capable of blocking what needs to be blocked.

Abe J.

Probably the best product in this category you can find.


Lifesaving product, superb personalized service.

S. Lindsay