pcWRT Premium

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pcWRT Premium

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If you have an existing router flashed with pcWRT LITE, you can buy this product to upgrade from LITE to Premium.

If you know how to flash a router, you may download pcWRT LITE from here: https://www.pcwrt.com/downloads/.

WARNING: Flashing a router may brick it (i.e., no longer functional). So make sure that you pick the right image for your device and you understand what you're doing. We are not responsible for a bricked router.

Compare the LITE and the Premium versions:

pcWRT LITE pcWRT Premium
Up to 4 WiFi networks per band (including guest) Yes Yes
Easy VLAN configuration Yes Yes
WiFi client isolation Yes Yes
Schedule WiFi on/off with a calendar Yes Yes
OpenVPN client & server Yes Yes
IKEv2 VPN client & server Yes Yes
WireGuard VPN client & server Yes Yes
Concurrent VPN and non-VPN Internet connections
No Yes
VPN client split tunneling No Yes
VPN server guest user mode Yes Yes
Firmware update notification Yes Yes
Reset router password by email Yes Yes
User profiles, advanced access control & logging No Yes
Internet access scheduling per user per domain. Pause the internet on demand. No Yes
Safe search for Google, YouTube, Bing, DuckDuckGo & Yandex No Yes
Bandwidth throttling per profile/device No Yes
Bandwidth usage monitoring per device No Yes
Different DNS services per user profile No Yes
DNS over HTTPS No Yes
Built-in Dynamic DNS service No Yes
Ad-blocking that can be paused/suspended by each individual user on demand No Yes
Web based remote router management No Yes

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